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Perodua Myvi
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Perodua Myvi
A pre-2008 facelift Myvi.
Body style(s)
5-door hatchback
1.0 L EJ-VE I31.3 L K3-VE I4
Daihatsu Sirion/BoonToyota Passo
The Perodua Myvi is a supermini/subcompact hatchback manufactured by Malaysian car maker Perodua since 2005. Based on the second generation Daihatsu Sirion/Boon and Toyota Passo, the Myvi is the result of Perodua's collaboration with both Toyota and Daihatsu.
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[edit] Specifications

[edit] Equipment levels
The Myvi was made available in five variations: 1.0SR (5 speed manual), 1.3SX (5 speed manual), 1.3EZ (4 speed auto), 1.3SXi (5 speed manual), and 1.3EZi "Premium" (4 speed auto). A Myvi "Special Edition" was also made available, featuring a bodykit encompassing modified bumpers, sideskirts and a spoiler. The Myvi was also made available with dual airbags and ABS.
Colors available on the Myvi include Ebony Black, Olive Green, Glittering Silver, Ozzy Orange, Classic Gold, Mistique Red, Mocha Silver and Pearl White. The facelift features a new colour range which consist of Medallion Grey, Ivory White, Pearl White, Klasik Gold, Mistik Red, Ebony Black, Caribbean Blue and Glittering Silver.[1] The Perodua Myvi SE is available in Ivory White, Ebony Black, Glittering Siver, Pearl White or a special Tangerine Orange exclusive only for the Myvi SE.[2]

[edit] Performance and design
Engine specifications
1.0 L EJ-VE I3
Electronic fuel injection (EFI) system
Dynamic variable valve timing (DVVT) system
Total displacement: 989 cc
Max output: 43 kW (58.5 PS; 57.7 hp) @ 6000 rpm
Max torque: 88 N·m (65 lb·ft) @ 3600 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 40 L (11 US gal; 9 imp gal)
1.3 L K3-VE I4
Electronic fuel injection (EFI) system
Dynamic variable valve timing (DVVT) system
Total displacement: 1298 cc
Max. output: 64 kW (87.0 PS; 85.8 hp) @ 6000 rpm
Max torque: 116 N·m (86 lb·ft) @ 3200 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 40 L (11 US gal; 9 imp gal)
The Myvi boasts either one of two water-cooled, four-stroke engines derived from the first generation Daihatsu Sirion: A 1.0 litre EJ-VE engine with three in-line cylinders, or the Toyota Passo: 1.3 litre K3-VE engine with four in-line cylinders; both engines employ dynamic variable valve timing (DVVT) systems and conventional electronic fuel injection (EFI).
In addition to raw performance, features previously uncommon on Perodua cars were inherited from the Sirion to the Myvi. Among them are 4-hole injectors, foamed urethane injected to the A-pillar, centre pillar and B-pillar for noised insulation, immobiliser systems and pedestrian injury reduction body construction. Other notable features include underbody air flow regulating items, resin intake manifolds and cylinder headcovers integrated with air cleaner cases (for 1.0 engines) and flexible flywheels for reduced vibration during running (for manual transmission).

[edit] 2008 facelift
On August 22, 2008, an updated Perodua Myvi was launched. The new Myvi features a modified front grille, front bumper, front bonnet, rear bumper, alloy rims, dashboard color, instrument panel design, MP3/WMA player and seat fabric. Its 1.3 Premium model additionally features new UV protection glass, a seat height adjuster, as well as a new audio system with USB and Bluetooth capabilities.[1]
A "Special Edition" of the new Perodua Myvi SE was also launched on October 10, 2008 with a new bumpers, clear taillights, smoked headlights, an amber instrument panel, leather seats, and a 2-DIN Compact Disc player with MP3, WMA, USB and Bluetooth support instead of an integrated unit. It is only available with a 1.3L engine with a manual or automatic transmission.[2]

[edit] Reception
The launch of the Perodua Myvi was significant as it marked first time Perodua competed head-to-head with Proton, the first Malaysian national car maker, which would release a similarly classed Proton Savvy.
The Myvi 1.3 beat its rival, the Proton Savvy 1.2, as the "Car of the Year 2005/2006" by Autocar ASEAN, a magazine for car buyers in Malaysia. The Edge Daily, a local financial news media reported that Myvi sales have far surpassed its initial expectations and has been selling extremely well since its rollout in April.
Proton's Savvy, available to the market a few months after the launch of the Myvi, had not affected Myvi sales. Observing the strong demand for the Myvi, it boosted sales of vehicles in the country and Perodua's market share in 2006. The Myvi is the best selling car for 2006 and 2007 in Malaysia.

[edit] Review
Richard Hammond, a presenter on BBC's Top Gear, took the Perodua Myvi out for a spin[3] , and he seems to be impressed:
"No jokes, this is a good-looking car. But if it looks familiar, that's because this is a Daihatsu Sirion in all but name. You see it costs billions to develop a new car - you design them on computers then build lots of them to crash into walls. So Perodua let someone else do it and spent their money sticking a new badge on it.
But they kept a bit back to spend on styling. Which is why, even though it shares bits and pieces with the Sirion, the Myvi is better looking...
...So under seven grand for a good-looking car, built in a factory shared with Toyota, which handles as well as a Yaris, does nearly 50mpg with a three-year warranty - yes please


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Myvi 1.0L SR
Perodua Myvi SR -1000cc Manual
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Lahad Datu
Kota Kinabalu
Effective Date : 22 Aug 2008
OTR Price, inclusive of insurance

For further details, visit your nearest Perodua Showroom.

Prices are with accessories.
Optional insurance coverage

a) Windscreen insurance - coverage RM1050.00 - premium RM157.50
Kelab Automotif Perodua Malaysia (KAPMA)

First year membership and joining fees is RM 60.00
Prices are subject to change without prior notification. The effective date will prevail at the time of delivery and not when placing or signing booking.
The 5% service tax on insurance premium is imposed on all vehicles registered under company‘s name for private use : registration fee RM500.00.

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Myvi SE Memang Special...

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Assalamualaikum dan selamat datang ke blog R J U N A.

Myvi SE 2008 Special sangat kah?
Aku tak paham kenapa Perodua keluarkan lagi Myvi Edisi Khas (Special Edition), padahal dulu dah kuar sejibik SE dah tahun 2007.
dan aku pasti pembeli yang beli Myvi new facelift sebelum ni tengah bengang dengan Perodua sambil tepuk dahi “cis kalau aku tahu nak keluar Myvi SE baru, takkan ku beli versi new facelift ni”
Ok mari kita lihat apa yang special sangat dan pembaharuan yang dilakukan

-Bumper depan n belakang yang baru (ok cun)-kaler baru (aku suka oren) -cermin tinted sepenuhnya-lampu depan digelapkan-lampu belakang lutsinar (cam tak kena jer)-stereng kulit (hek eleh)-rim 14 inci SE hitam (hek eleh)-seat kulit (biasa jer)-system audio baru (siap leh cucuk USB, leh main mp3 dan Bluetooth)-seat driver yang boleh ditinggikan (hek eleh)
itu saja? korang rasa special kah, boo perodua boo, hey perodua kot yer nak buat Special, upgrade la enjin Myvi K3-VE 1.3 tu ke YRV Engine K3-VET Turbocharger atau Daihatsu Boon KJ-VET X4 4WD, pastu lampu depan tukar la versi TRD Passo punya, rim kasi la 16-17 inci, itu baru nama special.
so siapa nak beli Myvi SE 2008 baru ni kalau tengok harga leh nangis dulu or pikir 8 kali nak beli, harga dari RM 49K-53K (agak mahal bagi enjin 1.3), aku beli myvi 2nd baru 39k
p/s= akhir2 ni geram pulak tgk Nissan Grand Livina
Sumber dan Kredit=
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Facts you need to know about kereta Myvi

Perodua Myvi
April 23, 2005 at 7:27 pm · Filed under Cars, Malaysian Makes, Perodua
LATEST UPDATE: New Perodua Myvi facelift launched in Malaysia
Here’s the next newcomer to the Malaysian automobile market - the Perodua MyVI. It’s based on a Daihatsu Boon. Rumours say that it will come with a 1.3 liter DVVT engine and 1.0 DVVT models. The 1.3 should be the same K3-VE found in the Kembara DVVT and the Toyota Avanza, and the 1.0 should be just a smaller displacement version of it. Prices will be between 42,000 ringgit to 52,000 ringgit.

This is the original Daihatsu Boon. It’s available in 1 liter 2WD and 4WD configurations and 1.3 liter 2WD configuration.
Why Myvi? I’ve heard someone say the My means Malaysia and the VI represents the sixth car that Perodua has come up with. Kancil, Rusa, Kembara, Kelisa, Kenari… yup. The Myvi is the sixth. There are also other explanations to what MyVI means, such as Malaysian Vision, My Vision and My Vehicle.
I’ll predict that Daihatsu YRV turbo halfcuts will be even more in demand now
Click (more) for more photos and click the thumbnails for a larger version.

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